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Let Her Go

(2016) Short Film / Drama / Thriller

A man haunted by his wife's ghost must turn to a psychiatrist before losing his sanity.

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American Girl

(2014)  Romance / Drama

When a young woman trapped in a toxic relationship accidentally leaves her on-line profile open in public, a handsome stranger decides to find her and seduce her. What he did not plan on was falling in love with her. As the two get closer, neither could ever imagine how far the ripples of their romance could reach or the damage it could do.

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手筒 Tezutsu

(2015) Short / Documentary

A documentary on Gion Feastival in Toyohashi, Japan and the preparation of Tezutsu-Hanabi (Hand-held fireworks, which are said to have originated from Toyohashi) , a tradition which has started hundreds of years ago. 

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Dirty Dead Con Men

(2017) Feature / Crime / Thriller

Dirty Dead Con Men is a Dangerous, Rock n’ Roll driven Neo-Nior Crime Movie. Smooth Con Kook Packard (Peter Dobson) and ticking time-bomb Vice Cop Mickey Rady (Kevin Interdonato), two disturbed and tormented individuals, have an unlikely partnership and twisted friendship.

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(2016) Feature / Crime / Horror

DRIFTER centers on a pair of outlaw brothers, Miles and Dominic Pierce, in a post apocalyptic desert wasteland. They are on their way to kill the man who murdered their father however their mission takes a drastic detour when their car is hijacked causing them to take shelter in the eerie town of Deml. 

The brothers quickly discover the town is inhabited by a family of cannibalistic lunatics and their sadistic Mayor, Doyle. Now they must fight for survival to escape the town. 

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Mud Man

(2016) Feature / Drama / Thriller

To escape his memories, a man disappears into the tropical vastness of the Florida Everglades with only his survival skills and a canoe full of supplies. Months later, still roaming the isolated interior, he witnesses a brutal murder. Tracking down the killer leads him to the hidden torture camp of two shrewd sociopaths and the terrible discovery that one of their abduction victims is still alive.

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White Trash

(2014) Short / Crime / Drama

A young woman's attempt at killing her abusive husband is intervened when two psychopaths burst in and demand the money the husband stole from a local gangster.

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